Thursday, March 20, 2008


When we decided to go on a holiday to Spain, we thought we had better learn the lingo or at least learn how to ask the essential things. Like book a room, order dinner, ask for directions, that sort of thing.

I remember back to when I was in school learning French and thought to myself how hard can it be... I still remember some of my French and I was only a kid. Let me tell you, I spent weeks looking for some good quality teach yourself type software packages, CD's, online language courses. You name it I tried it. But my Spanish was getting nowhere and time was running out. That is when a friend put me onto Rocket Spanish. I checked it out and within minutes I was learning real Spanish and fast.

With only 10minutes a day for a month or so, I was able to do exactly what I thought I needed and more. The Rocket Spanish Course enabled me to be able to hold a basic conversation and understand much more than I thought.

I am happy to report that because of Rocket Spanish my holiday was a total success and I have made some Spanish friends who now communicate with me via email in Spanish.

Check out Rocket Spanish for yourself here. It worked for me.

Rocket Spanish - The ultimate learning guide.

Rocket Spanish